In times like these...
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If Love was the answer, what would be your question to Jesus? 
In times like these, how much is a prayer worth to you?

And isn't it time we show the world, that Jesus is our hope?

I AM a JESUS person. 

And I AM proud to let the world know. 


If we don't line-up now and build a Jesus army, 
the evil may eventually win. 

If Jesus is the answer, what is the question? 
If we stop worrying, all becomes good, cause all becomes God. 

Jesus would probably beat the crap out of most church-leaders today. 

You don't need a leader when Jesus is your lead. 

There's something bigger and more important than hate, bitcoins and greed. 

Jesus is love. 

And I am not ashamed to say: A AM a JESUS person. 

Louder than words is the feeling for my faith. I believe. 
And i know. 
All is good. 
Cause all is GOD. 
Thank you my Lord,
I'M a JESUS person.

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